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Rolled and Told Volume 1 (Hardcover)

Rolled and Told Volume 1 (Hardcover)

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  • Description

    This collected edition of Rolled & Told contains all the adventures, mini-adventures, comics, and articles from issues zero to six along with extra content you couldn't get in the single issues! It provides hours of pick-up-and-play campaigns designed both for players new to tabletop role-playing and for those who have played for years. Every page is filled with beautiful illustrations, comics coinciding with adventures, and splash art from your favorite comic artists to inspire your players! Survive the dangers of "The Thunderlock Barcrawl", save goblins in "Hoist The Jolly Gobbler", and play the adventures "Mage School Beyond The Mirror", "The Case of the Brutal Brunch" and many more! Each adventure is 5E compatible and ready-to-play. 7 full adventures (5-6 hours on average) 6 mini-adventures (2-3 hours on average) 4 pre-made and ready to use character sheets based on our iconic characters in each of your favorite classes. Over 18 articles full of helpful tips and insight on how to enhance the game that’s perfect for game masters, aspiring and experienced alike.

  • Details
    Author: E.L. Thomas
    ISBN: 1549306847
    Page Count: 304
    Publisher: Oni Press
    Year: 2019
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