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The Grizzled - We Care

The Grizzled - We Care

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  • Description

    We Care, the latest entry in co-op tabletop series The Grizzled, will put players in the shoes of medical professionals working to save lives in an overburdened hospital.
    According to publisher CMON, The Grizzled: We Care is “inspired by current events”, with players becoming emergency medical workers struggling to manage the increasing numbers of patients who need their help. Taking place on the frontlines of a hospital that’s filled with people requiring medical assistance, We Care is a co-op board game for two to five players that pushes players to “ward off dire medical threats”.
    Whilst players must ensure that the hospital doesn’t get overwhelmed with patients, they will also need to prevent themselves from getting burnt-out from the mental and physical stress of overworking. Players will need to make sure that they’re careful enough that their characters don’t become victims of the epidemics they’re treating as well. Should players cooperate and provide each other with the support they need, they will be able to save both the patients’ lives alongside their own characters’.

  • Details
    Players: 2-5
    PrimaryName: The Grizzled - We Care
    Product Title: The Grizzled - We Care
    Publisher: CMON
    Year: 2021
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